Free Delivery For Stationery & Office Supply Orders Of Above $100

Located in the vibrant heartland next to the well-known Sims Place Market & Hawker Centre, you can’t miss Kim Eng Stationery with its iconic yellow signboard. With shelves crammed with knick-knacks yet complete with a full suite of office supplies, it’s a place to relive our fondest memories but also your friendly neighbourhood shop that offers stationery to printing services to your custom company stamp.

Founder, Mr Lim has grown up alongside his customers, and while it hasn’t been an easy journey, it’s been a fulfilling one. Although he might not have much, he’s content with how far he’s come, and Mr Lim’s story is just one of the many modest ones that tell the tale of Singapore’s progress: from a kampung with an independent spirit, to a bustling metropolis that never forgets where it came from.




“I’ve been doing business with some of the salesmen for many years, so we go out for a kopi when they come by. Sometimes customers just come by to talk, and leave without buying anything (laughs). I’ve seen my customers grow up over the years. There are customers who used to be students and are all grown up now; although they’ve moved out of the area, their parents still live here, so when they visit they’d come by the shop and chat, and now they buy things for their own kids. When they see me they’d say, “Wow, you’re still here, even after so long?” And I say yes, I don’t have anywhere else to go (laughs). Some of the older customers tell us, “I’m not used to going to other shops. Here, if I didn’t bring enough money, I can still bring the product home and come back to pay for it later. The other shops
aren’t willing to do that!”


“We had to do everything ourselves—there was no one to help us then, even with deliveries. For the first five years, my wife and I opened the shop every day—there was no such thing as a holiday! I didn’t study business, so I learnt everything through experience. There’s such a big variety of products in our shop, and we have to keep track of everything, down to one pen!”


“What good does retirement do? If your brain has nothing to think about and you don’t have anything to do, it’s very hard to live. At the shop, I have things to do and people to talk to, so it’s healthier. I’m not sure what I’d do without the shop—I have two daughters, but they’re doing well in their own lines of work. I don’t have plans yet, but as long as there are people to help me run the business, and I can come by and oversee it, that’s good enough for me.”

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